Customer Stories

'I received the bracelet today and it fits perfectly! Thank you for making it a custom fit. It’s beautiful and a perfect addition to my collection.' - B.

'Love my necklace and so do other people' - A. 

It is so stunning!!!! We are obsessed with it. We are so grateful' - N. 

It is wonderful to see such skill and creativity. Thank you.' - J. 

'I love this unique and meaningful jewellery' - B. 

'The most perfect bracelet just arrived today. And thank you for the extra special rose-cut ruby to go w/ the green sapphire. I was already wearing the original cuff when I went to work this morning. How do you not feel like Wonder Woman in bold and strong cuffs like these? Thank for all the love you put into these and I really appreciate your even lovelier customer service. This is how I know you really love what you do. I look forward to all my future known and unknown pieces with you. I feel like we have many more stories to tell through your jewelry and I can't wait to see them eventually.' - L.

'I was completely surprised by the artfully wrapped gift box. The box was so lovely that I had to take some photos before I opened it. When I opened the box, I was awestruck and very touched by my amazing moon necklace. Memories of my grandfather had flooded my consciousness with the 50th anniversary of the walk on the moon this past weekend. My grandfather had always spoken with me about the moon and the stars in the evening sky. I think about him when looking out in the night sky. Sitting with my grandfather watching a man step on the moon was so incongruous to the mysteries in the sky my grandfather shared with me as a small child.  Your necklace embodies the connection I had with my grandfather. Thank you for your generous spirit. Warmest regards. - M.C. 

'O. M. G. Thank you so much for my lovely ring and necklace they are perfect!  Not to mention beautiful of course!  I’m so thrilled. I’m wearing them to work today to show them off. Thank you also for the lovely studs. They are totally my style.' J.T.

' The pieces you sent were beautiful! If I ever post them on Instagram I'll be sure to tag you.' - T.R.

'Thank you SO much for my new beautiful piece!  My other cuff with the tourmalines and emeralds is still wearing well!  I'm excited to stack them or wear them on opposite wrists!' - S.K.

'This is a belated thank-you!!! I have been deployed in the field for work, and was absolutely delighted to finally come home to my treasure this week! The bow necklace is just perfect - exactly what I wanted - and my goodness, was I ever surprised by the bonus earrings - they are gorgeous, and I will add, compliment several other pieces I have perfectly. Thank you so much!' - S.R.

'I just received my cuff bracelet and absolutely love it! Thank you for sizing it to fit my small wrist, and thank you for the gift you gave me as well. I love the whole concept behind your jewelry designs; that they are hand formed ( l am an artist, too), and appreciate that your work is so unique, as well as being socially, environmentally, and morally reasonable. I also love that l am supporting a Canadian artist. :) This bracelet will pair nicely with my bow necklace which l also adore, as well.' - M. 

'Gorgeous Cuff. Stunning. Well made and unique. I wish Free People would carry more from this line. Worth the splurge. More beautiful in person than in the photographs. I would recommend this product.' - Free People Customer 

'She loves the ring! Thank you so much for all of your effort in creating this one of a kind artwork. She tells me she will posting it on social media and will be tagging you.' -W. 

'Thank you again, I love my necklace. Wore it yesterday!' -A. 

'I gave P. the cuff you made for her - she loves it and is so grateful!  She put it on right away and is so happy to be wearing your work again!' -S. 

'We both love our beautiful pieces of your work. I wear my bell often and C. has told me about the wonderful praises she gets for your rings when she wears them, which is most of the time.' -L. & C. 

'Hello!! The cuff from you guys that I have (and wear everyday of my life) fits pretty perfect' -J.S.

The Rainy Day cuff I bought last year was for my mom and it is beautiful! She loves it and wears it all the time. I've wanted one too ever since, so I'm really excited for the cuff I just ordered!' -I.N. 

I really liked that bangle you included in my last order! I see one of the model stacked them above her cuff for a really nice look. I wish I could afford a couple more lol.' - T.R. 

I adore it! The background patterning is fantastic and the stones set so beautifully. I am in love with every one of my cuffs as they are each different, with so much individual personality. Though bold, they are also very comfy to wear, and they give me so much pleasure to examine and admire. Especially great in long work meetings! What an amazing gifted artist you are, and how delighted and thankful I am to have come upon your work at ABC in NYC. Thank you again, and I know I'll be adding to my collection again soon. Also, am finding that Ebay boxes that house multiple watches are wonderful for storing your beauties. Am already on my second one!' -W.J.

'My friend is literally over the moon about her pendant. She was speechless when she saw it and that is saying a lot if you knew my friend.I think it’s lovely and was so happy to give it to her.' -K. 

'Your package arrived and my friend is going to love it. A combination Mother’s Day/Birthday gift and it is perfect.Thank you so much.' -K.L. 

'I was able to buy the Truth is Beauty Ring from Moorea Seal here in Seattle. I am so in love with it and can't wait to wear it for the rest of my life!' -N.H.

'I love my pieces as much as ever. I always get compliments, especially on my After the Rain cuff. :)' -J.D.

'This is so unusual and stylish. I love it.' -Nordstrom Customer

'Hello. I received the moon necklace and absolutely love it. It is even more beautiful in person. The earring as well. Such beautiful work.' - M.J.

'Spiritual and Bedazzling. WHAT a beautiful and wondrous piece of jewelry! The combination and play of gemstones against the sparkling, textured background changes with the light. It possesses so much life and treasure chest beauty, and yours will be unique. Highly recommend!!' - Free People Customer

'I love my Franny pieces (my new daughter-in-law does too).' - Ms. M. 

'The Bow necklace arrived and it is just beautiful! Thank you for adding the initials to the back.' - A.

'I love wearing the bracelets. They go with everything and are unusual, can be dressy or casual, are quick to grab and put on, and don’t snag on my knits!!' - A.M.

'The Colors We Saw in Paris ring is super fab. I wear it everywhere. It may be a statement ring, but an everyday statement for sure.' - J.

'I got the necklaces on Monday which was my birthday. I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I love them both. Thanks so much.' - M.F.

'Your jewelry gives me such joy to admire and to wear. There’s so much life to each piece, and oh my, those sapphires in the Rainy Day cuff are amazingly pretty and vibrant!' - W. 

She loves her pieces :)' - J.M. 

Thanks so much for working with J. to put together another beautiful piece. It's perfect, such a nice way to celebrate our new little man.' - K.M. 

'She is not only wearing one of your bracelets but has told me that your jewelry is her favorite collection she has seen in a very long time.' - E.G. 

'I received the earrings just in time despite historic snow in Seattle, a city which truly can not handle snow. Which I completely attribute to you and the commitment to getting it here on time – even upgrading my shipping without charging me extra. I cooked her a nice dinner at home and stashed them under her napkin with a card. You must understand we traditionally don’t celebrate valentines day so this was truly a surprise and something special, and she absolutely loved them! And to include the bracelet for free just made me look like I really thought it all through – I got props for that too, although it was all due to you and you going above and beyond. I can’t thank you enough. It was really a valentines day to be remembered. I should also say that the earrings were just as beautiful in person as they were online. It is truly beautiful and delicate, even poetic work. Thank you so much again for everything!' - H.Z. 

I never wore bracelets before Franny’s and this will be my 4th. Everything about them is wonderful.' -W. 

'Loving this cuff so much, and when not wearing it brings me joy just to see it on my nightstand. Will take very care of this magical piece. My next order will be the Rainy Day 5 for another color combination option. The weight, scale, and gemstone interplay of this series are exquisite.' - Ms. J.

'I love my necklace!  It is beautiful and I can tell it is made with love :) I look forward to ordering more of your masterpieces in the future.' - O.

'Hi Franny.  Just wanted to let you know that my daughter was thrilled with her rings (plus they fit perfectly)!  I explained to her that we can add to them over the years with other rings, so expect to see us again.' - C.R. 

'I just received the ring and bracelet and oh my goodness I love them!! Thank you so much!! The ring size is perfect (it’s so dainty and goes perfect with my current bracelets - I love it so much!).' - L.Y.

'I LOVE my moon necklace! And LOVE the extra goodies added in! Thank you!' - J.T.H.

The ring is perfect. Better than I could have ever hoped for. I cannot wait to marry my husband and wear it every day.  And thank you so much for the earrings.  I am going to wear them on my wedding day.' - J.B. 

' OH. MY. GOD!!!!! This is MORE BEAUTIFUL than I'd ever dreamt it could be. Truly. I LOVE the colors, the stone sizes, the arrangement, the metal. Everything about it is exquisite!! WOW. Thank you so very, very, very much. And thanks for making my weekend full of anticipation. Wishing you a splendid weekend and I'll definitely be back when I've saved up enough for my next Franny E. Have been admiring your goddess Muses.' - W.J.

Hi there!  I recently purchased a bracelet and absolutely adore it!  I can't even describe it, but it exudes this lovely feeling of light and hope and joy.  The melding of the two metals is mesmerizingly beautiful.' - J.

'The bracelet is actually a gift to
myself, and it is lovely. Even more stunning in person :)' -L.

'I ordered a Truth is Beauty ring and I LOVE it!!!' - E.D. 

'Ah amazing! I got the ring and the lovely necklace! I love it so much!! :) So pumped! Now to decide which finger to wear it on :)' - S.E. 

'N. is still in love with her ring and the feedback we are getting is great.  We got married 4 weeks ago now so it’s in its final form.' - J.M.

'Gave the necklace to B. last week and she loved it! She is a huge fan of the silver inset and really likes all the different chains. I can't be thankful enough. I scored major points on this one as a boyfriend!!!' - C.L.

'The necklace is beautiful and my mother loved it.' - K.

'My sister loved and kept the ring. The size was the right one and she already wore it a few times... I guess I'll have to buy one for myself at some point :-)' - C.M.C.

'Love it and everyone is noting it and asks where I got it.' - A.S.

'Hello, Franny!  I just wanted to let you know that J. and S. absolutely loved their key necklaces!  I noticed they both wore them a lot over the holidays.  I was so excited when they were opening their boxes I almost jumped out of my skin. Anyway, thanks so much. All the best.' - C.R.

'B. and I love our best-friend rings!!!' -K.S.

'S. loved the necklace and I was a Valentine's Day hero. Thanks again for the special gift.' -B.F.

'Hi!  Your work is gorgeous. My husband and I saw your cuff when we were out having breakfast and reading the paper. I spotted it immediately, had my husband take a photo with his iPhone and requested one for my birthday which isn't until September lol.' - J.H.

'I am absolutely LOVIN my Franny piece!  I can hardly wait to go home and show my husband! Thank you so much.  I have already received compliments!' -S.O.D.

'I love the necklace.  It just kind of jumps onto my neck and nestles there. :) And aquamarines are stones of courage and transformation!' -L.M.

'I have several Franny jewelry that I wear daily almost like a tattoo, it's handmade and natural inspired like storm, water, galaxy, rainbow and green green grass. This is kind of statement piece. I can't not wait for my new orders to come. I know it's going to be gorgeous. This piece I see a storm but the sun start to coming out. There is hope just wait for the storm goes away my friends.' -K.L.

'J. received her ring and she is thrilled with it.' -J.T.

'Dear Franny, "Work is love made visibleand I feel so lucky to have and wear some of your beautiful work. I wanted to write to thank you for sending me the generous extra gift of your Shine Bright Don't Burn necklace. I discovered your work in September at a store and took home three pieces: Elizabeth III (I think it's on your Instagram!), She Sits by The Ocean, and Truth is Beauty is Truth. This past Sunday, I purchased: Rain Past Rain Present Rain Future, the 10 stone opal burst, and a seven stone burst (I'm unsure of the stone). Rain Past Rain Present Rain Future felt extra special because of the 12-days of smoke we struggled with from The Woolsey and Camp Fires. I live in Sausalito the little anchor town of the Golden Gate Bridge and I do sit by the ocean as often as I can. I was so excited and surprised to receive Shine Bright Don't Burn. As most people do, I've been mending a broken heart. for some time (too much time I think) Your gift was the first I've received since 2011. Thank you, Franny. I felt connected and I am for sure Shining Bright. When things slow down from the busy season, I was wondering if you might be able to take a personal order from me.' - C.B. 

'My Mom loved it! Thank you so much! – K.O.

'The necklace worked out great with the dress and was perfect for the wedding. I've worn it quite a bit since then as it's pretty versatile, and I like the organic look of it.' - P.L.

'Love my new necklace, I wear it every day, and it is so pretty.' -P.

'She Loved it (my wife)!! It was a great surprise! And she (my assistant) loved it!  Thanks, Franny.  I’ll shop again.' - F.J. 

'Thank you, Franny ... and thank you for the wonderful creative work you do ... take care and I am sure we will buy again!' -C.& D.

'The earrings are beautiful!  Wearing them is part of the fun because they are so light and hang perfectly.  I have had many compliments on them.' - W.B.

'I wanted to let you know that K. and I are enjoying our Franny E necklaces.  We have had many compliments on the pieces and are spreading the word about the work.  The shopping experience was the highlight during the season!' - W.B.

'Just gave my wife a piece (locket) of your jewelry last week for an anniversary. She loved it.' - T.A.

'They liked the pieces a lot. Thank you for doing such an amazing job on such a short window of time. Much appreciated!!' - T.L. 

'My sister loved her bracelet and I’m delighted because she’s very picky! As far as I know, she hasn’t taken it off since the day I gave it to her, so she clearly loves it.' -C.R.

'We received our piece and it's gorgeous!!' - D. 

'S. loved her bracelet, especially the unique design, the gemstones, and the myriad of marvelous details. Thank you so much for the care you put into this custom piece of jewelry.' - V.S.

'H. and I just got married. We had a perfect day. We were both delighted to use your rings as our engagement/wedding rings.' - N.& H. 

'My mom absolutely loved the bracelets!! They are beautiful. I wanted to send a message after the rush and chaos of Christmas. I will be ordering again for sure.' - L.S.

'I fell in love with your work at ABC where they also love your work and such enthusiastic showers of it.' - W.J.

'Thank you Franny for all you have done to take care of us and make us feel special. J. and I were just talking about how impressed we have been with your attentiveness and care. In the world of wedding rings, I know that this is not a very substantial order, but you have made it seem like you value it just the same. That says a lot about you. Warmest wishes.' - L. & J. 

'OMG!! I love them so much!!! Thank you!l thank you! I can’t wait until August and I can wear them all. Although I am wearing them all right now, haha. I’ll be sure to get some great photos for you at the wedding as well. Thanks so much!' - B.M. 

'E. loved her bracelet! She was absolutely thrilled when she opened it !!!!! and it looks gorgeous on her wrist. The fit is perfect. It was so nice to give her something so special for her 20th Birthday. Thank you for making it so amazing and extra special.' - C.M. 

'Thank you so much for your kind reply. I wanted to follow you on social media to have your business “pinned” so I can reach to you when I can afford some of the stunning pieces you have. I know you do custom orders and I’m 100% sure I will order something from you in the future. I want you to know that I work in the fashion field (I’m a fashion buyer) and the “emotion” I’ve gotten seeing your product is something that I’ve felt very little times, only when something is really special and different and trust me, I see a lot of stuff every day. Maybe you see this email it as something crazy, but the beautiful emotion your brand has provoked me deserves it!! Kind regards' - M.L. 

'My ring is here, hallelujah! It’s glorious. Thank you.' - L. 

'She said yes! Thanks again, Franny, for everything. She spent all day looking at the ring and telling me it's perfect. She loves the emerald and the overall style and is happy with the fit. The wedding is at least a year off, but we'd like to buy the wedding bands from you too when we get the date and budget sorted.' - K.O.

'I just received it in the mail a couple of days ago. I am very happy with it.  We are giving it to one of our daughters as a Christmas gift.' - L. 

'The Moons are amazing!  One is mine and it’s incredible.  One went to M.'s girlfriend... he gave it to her this past Friday for her birthday and she cried... he engraved the back with their date.  The third moon is waiting to be gifted : ) Thank you too for the sweet free gift... appreciated.' - S.B.

'Got the rings on Tuesday and I love them!!!! J. works out of town currently so he hasn’t physically seen his or tried it on. Mine fits great and is exactly what I wanted. I love how simple it is. Thank you so much again. It’s lovely. Will also Instagram the crap out of them on our wedding day.' - A.I. 

'I love love love my ring and my half moon pendant necklace! I've been dying to get the cuff and am very excited! Thank you!' - Y.T.

'You’ve done an amazing job on the rings for both of my goddess daughters. I gave K. her custom “music” ring last night and she loves it.  I will give M. her “rainbow” ring tomorrow evening. I deeply appreciate the care and craft you invested in each of the rings. Thank you. As for me, I’m wearing my lovely Franny ring even as I write this.' -V. 

'Received my moon today and I love it.  I am not a big jewelry wearer but this is the one adornment I will be wearing. Thank you, it's great!' - A.M.

'First I just wanted to say that I love all your pieces. I was thankfully in a cute lil boutique on travel and bought my ring Shine Bright which I have had for about a 2 years now. A couple of months ago I went and found the Truth is Beauty ring in which fell in love with.' - M.C.

'Just a note to say how beautiful my Franny E pendant is.' - L.R.

'My daughter was thrilled with her rings (plus they fit perfectly)!  I explained to her that we can add to them over the years with other rings, so expect to see us again.  Thanks again.' - C.R. 

'The bracelet was a gift to myself, and it is lovely. Even more stunning in person :)' - L.M.D.

Goods have been received today. Thank you for looking for a stone of opal of a necklace. It was perfect with the blue beautiful color. The bangle is also fashionable and cool. A flower of a cherry tree is in full bloom and Japan is a good season. Necklace and bangle I'll put on and go out.' - Y.S.

'We received J.'s ring. He LOVES it and it fits him perfectly. Thank you for creating a beautiful ring that will have so much meaning to us for years to come.' - L.H.

'Hi got the ring. It's beautiful!' - Y.T.

'Got my necklace. As always love it.  Thanks also for the surprise...always so kind.' - J.G.

'I'm wearing it now, its beautiful and i loved the bracelets. I appreciate everything you did!' - A.C.

'My mother absolutely loved it. She also loved the woman earrings with the diamonds. She started crying when she read the poem that accompanied them, so I would say it was an overall great success! Thank you soo much for getting those to her in good time.' - B.L.

'Hello! Just a quick email to say I love my pieces!' - K.D.

'We love your stuff Franny... it really is my favorite <3 And people must feel like they have bought an heirloom when they buy one your pieces - it feels like it was made with love and care.' - J.

'Just got my happy mail!!!! Thanks so much for making me a gorgeous piece! The earrings are unbelievable too! I’m sure I’ll “have to have" something real soon.' - C.S. 

'Thank you so much. We got the necklace & it is beautiful! My daughter loves it.' -B.

Hi Franny, we loved "discovering you!"  I have worn both pieces numerous times since Thursday and have had a great deal of compliments on them. We look forward to following your passion in this realm and will be sure to check in to see what's new.' - D.A. 

I can’t tell you how much I love the cuff you made for me. The stone shapes and delicate blend of milky alternating with sparkling sapphires are beautiful beyond words. And all against that finely textured background.' - W.