Seek Meaning. Create Meaning. Inspire Meaning.

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Adorn with Meaning

Franny E creates unique and meaningful collections inspired by stories of the universe and the beauty within the human connection to ourselves and each other.

Known for merging the art of adornment with messages of meaning and change, Franny E is recognized among the leading handmade fine jewelry brands. Designed and created by Franny and her mother, Jacqueline, collections are imagined and made by hand on the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, Canada.

Our Process

Every piece of Franny E Jewelry is hand-formed from scratch with heirloom tools from Franny's Father and Grandfather. Beginning with alloying reclaimed precious & semi-precious metals, pieces are cut, hammered, sanded, textured, and polished by hand. We believe in creating adornments and objects that will transcend time, becoming objects of beauty, meaning, and symbols for change.

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Signature Aesthetic

Franny E Jewelry embodies the beauty of impermanence. With physical facets of asymmetry, asperity, and irregularity, collections meld ancient themes with contemporary design.


We are committed to using metals, diamonds, glass, and natural gemstones that are sourced in socially, environmentally, and morally responsible ways. We use reclaimed and recycled metals to compose our alloys, and ethically sourced natural gemstones and diamonds from suppliers that we have cultivated meaningful relationships with for over ten years.

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Missions & Giving

Art can stir our senses and emotions and call us to action. We're of the mind of paying it forward and believe in the power of small acts of kindness and giving within our local communities and beyond.

Collaborators & Press

Franny E has collaborated with renowned designers, creators, and companies, and has been featured by top publications such as Vogue, Brides Magazine, Refinery29, The Hollywood Reporter, and The New York Times.

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