Refining Our Edge

Refinery 29 showcases our Elizabeth ring in one of this year's top fashion features. The Elizabeth ring was named after Franny's Grandma. 

This Runway Trend Is Perfect For Spring

Delicate Lace
Lace can immediately read as overtly sexy orgrandma's doily, so reel it in with neutral layers for a sophisticated twist. Gray skinny jeans and an olive bustier should do the trick with this rust-toned blouse. Finish the look with lace-up sandals and a delicate but beautiful accent ring.

Sandro Edma Top, $295, available at Sandro;Babaton Carson Bustier, $85, available atAritzia; Franny E Fine Jewelry The Elizabeth Ring, $1470, available at Franny E Fine Jewelry; Nine West Gazania Lace-Up Sandal, $79, available at Nine West; Mango Skinny Elektra Jeans, $59.99, available at Mango.

As much as we love gawking at Fashion Month's most over-the-top looks, we know most will never have mass appeal (case in point: this that reads more like a work of art than a realistic outfit). That said, we're always game to pull trends off the runway and translate them for everyday wear. Take for example the ultra-romantic aesthetic we spotted on the spring/summer '16 catwalks — and again in the costumes from time-traveling TV drama Outlander on STARTZ (premiering April 9 at 9 p.m. E/P). The show's upcoming season features floral-frilled, bow-crazed getups similar to ones that were showcased on-model at Gucci, Ashish and Erdem  last year. And while these high-fashion iterations are a little more princess-meets-ethereal-nymph, we're here to show you how to dial it back for your own IRL look. When experimenting with this hyper-feminine aesthetic, moderation is key. While we love a good ruffle, all-over lace, and crystal embellishments, these elements are stronger in small doses — via one statement piece instead of an entire ensemble. To prove that point, we broke out the most wearable styles from this look to show you how to pull 'em off on a casual Friday (or manic Monday, for that matter) without looking like you walked out of a fairy tale. With a verified runway trend like this, who says romance is dead?

Words by Alison Ives