Not all who wander are lost

A road trip filled summer—all those miles and airports, and I must say, an assortment of the most interesting temporary abodes. But it was time for something familiar. So back home we came, to beautiful Vancouver. 

Deciding upon the location of one of our last pop-up shops of the summer, we were of course as open-minded as ever, but one thing was non negotiable—we needed “atmosphere.”

Vancouver's Chinatown: perfect.

Streets filled with smells of authentic Chinese cooking, sounds of jackhammers chiseling out foundations for future family stomping grounds, the taste of dust coming after the roar of falling ancient brick and mortar. Chinatown, a diamond in its own rough.

We welcomed people from all over the globe. From the streets, they followed a trail of bubble-machine-created spheres. Like transparent beacons, the bubbles wafted towards the doors of our ephemeral Columbia Street home, gracefully ascending before bursting in vanishing mists of rainbow. Curious travellers and intrigued locals entered a somewhat puzzling ambience of happenstance, but they were rewarded with a smorgasbord of limited-edition treasures. Each potential patron adding their own energy to our experience, their contribution becoming part of the whole, the way only all the facets of age and time join in on creating the patina on a surface of bronze.

Each encounter become more and more meaningful as we reflected on our own ideas of coincidence, synchronicity, fate and humanity. After all, are our day-to-day encounters simply random happenings or do these happenings hold meaning? Either way, Mustn’t we always honour the moment? Slow the moments down in order to honour the adventure.

Chinatown we salute you and we thank you…for showing us the beauty of impermanence, and for reminding us that every step of the journey is just as important as the final destination.